Surrender Guidelines

Please Read through the following information carefully before submitting your request!

Thank you for contacting Coastal K9 German Shepherd Rescue. As we strongly discourage people giving up their dogs under most situations and as our primary focus is pulling dogs from kill shelters, we have slightly stringent owner surrender guidelines. After the below items are met, each owner surrendered dog will be reviewed by the board based on space and budget considerations prior to acceptance into our program.

Initial steps to request your dog’s acceptance into Coastal GSR are generally as follows:

1. Submit our online owner surrender application. This has a lot of the information we need about your dog as we consider his/her acceptance into our program and future placement. We also request that you send photos of your dog to our Intake Coordinator after you have submitted the online form.

2. In most cases, we require that the dog be up to date on vaccinations, have a history of being kept on heartworm preventative, and spayed/neutered and that you be able to supply proof through your veterinarian of the above items. Generally, you, the owner, will have to address the items that are not current prior to our acceptance of the dog.

3. The dog will need to be taken to one of our volunteers for a personality evaluation. Note that we are unable to accept dogs that have ever shown aggression toward humans.

4. Much of the decision to accept a dog into our program is based on foster space and funds. If you are able to foster the dog until a new home can be found, this greatly increases your dog’s chance of acceptance into the program. If you are not able to foster and your pet is approved by the board, we request a MONETARY donation to go toward the food and VETERINARY CARE that your dog will require while with us. These items are expensive, and we would request that you be as generous as possible when donating toward the foster care of your dog.

5. Coastal GSR will acquire, by assignment documentation, the property rights to your dog, including the right to place the dog into a new home. You will not have any right to know where the dog is placed, nor will you have a right to any adoption donation made to Coastal K9 GSR.

We know this may be time consuming but the process can proceed quickly with your cooperation and assistance.